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Gestational Diabetes Test

Gestational Diabetes TestI can not believe that I am already 28 weeks pregnant! It won’t be too much longer until our little one arrives.

For today’s visit, I had to have testing to see if I have gestational diabetesFor this test, you will be asked to drink an incredibly sweet drink.  You’ll have to wait an hour, and then blood will be drawn to see how well your body is processing the sugar.

This is my 6th test as this is my 6th child.  I have discovered that the fruit punch flavor actually tastes the best.  My least favorite flavor was the orange flavor.  I’ve also discovered that the liquid tastes better if it is chilled.

It’s important to follow all of your doctor’s instructions to the letter when preparing for this test.  My doctor had told me to only drink water this morning and to eat only protein for breakfast.  I did as I was told to do, but another woman didn’t follow the instructions.  They actually refused to do the test on her and told her she had to re-schedule.

While I was waiting for time to pass, the nurse handed me a hospital pre-admission paper which he was going to have the hospital process.  That way, he explained, I wouldn’t have to worry about paperwork when I was in labor.  As I was filling out the paperwork, I got a little bit scared when I realized that I am REALLY having a baby.

I had to call my husband and cry.  My husband is very practical and was clearly dumbfounded: hadn’t I known for 6 months that I was having a kid?  Why was I so frantic at this moment?  Maybe it was all the sugar in that drink I said.

After taking several vials of blood to run the diabetes test, the midwife measured my stomach and listened for our son’s heartbeat. She asked about any complications I might be experiencing and weighed me.  My next appointment is in 3 weeks.

I’m curious to find out what other moms to be think about the diabetes test.  What was your favorite drink flavor?  Did you like your drink chilled or room temperature?

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