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Fertile Ground: Fertility Rate Rises in U.S.

pgluxury.jpgAccording to USA Today and the National Center for Health Statistics, fertility rates are on the rise across the country. This is stark contrast to other developed countries where the rate is dropping. Rising rates not only mean more babies are coming into the world, as a country we will be able to support the elderly population and replace the workforce openings they leave behind.

An interesting point in the article is how babies are considered luxury goods and that more stay-at-home mothers are having more kids.

Kids as luxury goods. Is that what inspires celebrities to have babies – the ultimate in luxury items? Does that in turn inspire fashion followers to pursue the latest in accessories? So to be in with the crowd you need an oversized designer handbag, skinny jeans and a mini-me?

That explains Paris Hilton making a plan to have a baby this year. But really, would pampered accessories do a good job of taking care of the elderly and how likely are they to contribute to the workforce?

As a mom of two under four; we are fashionable only when no one has been allowed to have food or drink until we get to our destination and when clothing is not placed on the child or mommy until right before we walk out the door.

Are the girls luxury goods? Well if you look at them economically – you spend so much to raise them, to increase their value as people and contributors to society in the hopes that they will take care of you if you need them.

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