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Fathers Can Prep for Baby Too

‘I’m halfway to having enough paper to finish this project,’ my husband stated cryptically. He’s an origami enthusiast, and we had just left Michael’s Crafts, so I had a vague idea of what he had in mind; I imagined it involved tiny paper mice, planes or bugs.

‘Paper for what?’ I asked.

He smirked. ‘To build cranes.’

‘And that’s not enough paper?’ I looked at the large stacks in the bag.

‘No, it’s only half of what I need.’

‘Exactly how many cranes are you making?’

‘One thousand,’ he said.

‘For what?’ I asked, and he revealed he is making them for our daughter.

An old Japanese legend states that anyone who folds 1,000 paper cranes will be granted a wish. The legend was popularized in the 1950s when Sadako, a young Japanese girl who was diagnosed with leukemia began folding cranes. She made more than 1,000 before her death in 1958.

I didn’t ask hubby what he was going to wish after he folded the 1,000 paper birds. I know his wish is for a happy, healthy, baby girl with the tenacity to keep going through any adversity she may face in life. I have no doubts he will finish the cranes before my due date; and I will know exactly where our daughter will inherit her stubbornness’er, persistence’from!

While mothers-to-be are busy growing the baby, fathers often feel left out of the pregnancy. But there’s plenty that a father can do to feel more involved in the pregnancy and birth. He can attend childbirth classes with a positive attitude and a sense of engagement in the course, help prepare the nursery, and register for baby products. He can also help his wife by taking over more of the household chores, offering backrubs, and don’t forget going on those midnight chocolate milkshake runs with a smile.

(Ladies, don’t be afraid to ask your husband for help. He has no idea how you’re feeling — if you’re tired or your back hurts or if you’re craving ice cream unless you tell him.)

Like my husband, fathers-to-be may want to start preparing something special for the newborn, something that will be his project alone, whether it’s writing a poem or retreating to the workshop to build a changing table. (Personally, I’m happy hubby selected an activity that is both quiet and inexpensive, and doesn’t generate sawdust!)

Ladies, what sweet things has your husband done in preparation for the new arrival?

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