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Dealing With Pregnancy Reactions

Dealing With Pregnancy ReactionsAnnouncing a pregnancy can be a difficult thing.  Once, my daughter stood up in the middle of church and announced to everyone that I needed prayer because I was pregnant.  That was probably the easiest pregnancy announcement I’ve had to endure, because I didn’t have to make the announcement myself.

I’ve found, as with anything in life, there are always those folks who simply can not refrain from being negative, even during joyful occasions.  Certainly, a pregnancy is a reason to be joyful and is a cause for celebration.   Some people don’t see things like that though.

I know at this moment that there are several close relatives who I will eventually need to inform of my pregnancy who will NOT be happy for my husband and I. Even though we are financially and emotionally ready and able to deal with the responsibilities that children bring, these folks will still not be happy.   They will find reasons why this pregnancy should not have happened, and they will feel obliged to tell me about these reasons. One or two of those relatives will probably be downright ugly about this pregnancy.  I  have come to these conclusions based upon their reactions to past pregnancy announcements and I ponder–how can I do this differently this time? How do I protect myself emotionally from the negativity?

I wonder–is it rude to just call them AFTER the child is born?  I’ve noticed that after the child makes his or her grand entrance into the world, the negativity dissipates anyway.

I am “lucky” in that my family lives over 800 miles from the rest of my family members.  Sometimes, it can be a difficult thing to have them so far away; sometimes, it is a good thing to have them so far away.  For now, it means I have time to gather my strength and decide whether or not I should mention my pregnancy to my family or wait until shortly before(or after) the child is born to make the announcement.

How have you handled “negative” reactions to your pregnancy announcements? Would you tell relatives who you knew were going to be negative about your pregnancy?  Is it rude to just send relatives a birth announcement without them knowing about your pregnancy?

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