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Chinese Gender Charts–Do They Work?

Random Chinese CharacterDuring each of my many pregnancies, I spent a great time checking out gender prediction methods. Actually, more than not, many people were happy to offer their tried and true methods of prediction to me, especially when they found out I was pregnant again after having 4 girls.

Would our next child be male or female? Drum roll please.

I stumbled across a Chinese Birth Chart while researching online one day. According to the website, the chart was “ancient Chinese knowledge” hidden in a tomb for over 700 years and was now on display at the Institute of Science in Beijing. For entertainment purposes only, the website authors were displaying the chart online. I was intrigued, but cautious, and so I showed my husband.

Dear Husband has a degree in science and he called it a statistics chart. Nothing more, nothing less. There was nothing magical about it he claimed. Nevertheless, he agreed that there very well may be some validity to the chart.

Would the “statistics chart” be accurate? I checked my prior pregnancies with the chart information and astoundingly, the chart was right. I checked each of my sister’s information against the chart information and again, it was correct. Then, just for the thrill of it, I called my sister, who was expecting at the time and due to have an ultrasound in a few days. We worked out her information and according to the chart, she was having a girl. The ultrasound confirmed the chart’s prediction at her ultrasound.

All of this intrigued me. Was I carrying a boy or a girl? Could I stand to know? Suppose the chart said it was a boy and then I had a girl? After 4 girls, would it be fair to get my hopes up for that son of which my husband and I were dreaming?

My husband and I sat down one night and checked the chart which told us we were having a boy. Now what? After years of buying pink, glitter, and lace, did we dare trust the chart? Should we tell people that “the Chinese chart” said it was a boy? Would they believe us?

A few months later, we had an ultrsound due to difficulties I was having with the pregnancy. The technician asked me if I wanted to know the sex of our baby as it was quite obvious. Did I want to know? Yes, yes I did.

Our child was a boy. A healthy boy.

I cried the whole way home! Firstly, because I was relieved that our child was all right. Secondly because IT WAS A BOY! After four girls, I was going to have a boy!

You would think that my relatives would have been happy for us when we told them. Sadly, not one of them(save my husband’s mother) believed us, the ultra sound, or the Chinese birth chart. Instead, they felt that I was one of those women who was just going to have girls and had sadly convinced myself that I was having a male child to make myself feel better about the whole thing. For the baby shower that happened shortly after our ultrasound, most folks bought yellow and green. Some bought us blue, just in case. I began to have my doubts at this time and wondered if the technician had made a mistake or if the chart had been a phony too. Who to believe?

When our child was born, I didn’t take the doctor’s word for it, or my husband’s word–I wanted to see! My eyes confirmed that the chart and the ultrasound technician were right. It was a boy.

I’d encourage all expectant women to try the Chinese birth chart with a few caveat warnings. I have known one woman who did have a child with a sex opposite than what the chart predicted. Therefore, I’d encourage parents who opt to use the information to do so with an open mind and realize that it might not predict the gender of your child. I’d also caution expectant mother’s to use the chart correctly. You must use your age when you will give birth, and the month you conceived to determine results. It can be a little confusing as many times, your age when the baby is born will be different than your age when the child was conceived. Also, you might not know exactly when the child was conceived! Let’s see….was it LATE June or EARLY July?

Whatever your results, I wish you happy charting!


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7 years 5 months ago

I want to let everyone know that for my first 2 kids it was 100%. We are now pregnant with baby # 3 and the chart says girl!! Either way we already have one of each so the third is just an added bonus!!
As for the conception thing- it is the age you are when the baby is conceived NOT the age when you give birth.
Everyone I know it has been right for so it’s worth a try!

7 years 8 months ago

This sounds interesting. I’ll tell my cousin to go give this a try–she’s trying to conceive a boy–she has three beautiful girls right now. So I know, though she’s not saying it out loud that she also wants a little boy.

Maybe one day when I start my own family, I will try out the Chinese Gender Charts. Because like you said, there’s really no harm in trying. It seems like fun too.

Thanks for sharing. :)

7 years 9 months ago

I would love to have a boy too! I have 2 girl and I am scared to get pregnant again to try for a boy. I will try this chart but what do I need to know?
The age I will conceive? Do I need to add 2 more years? I saw online that we had to do that. And also for the month you have to go back one month that you conceived? I am confused! HELP!

7 years 9 months ago

you say u have to look at the age u will be giving birth but i looked on the same chart and it says the age u concieve. i hope i have a boy we have two girls. and the age i concieve is a boy and the age i give birth is a girl………


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8 years 2 months ago

Didn’t work for me but it was fun trying to find out.

8 years 2 months ago

It worked for me. Almost everyone i asked worked for them,save one. :)


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