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Celebrities Share Their Opinions on Bristol Palin’s Pregnancy

Everyone seems to have an opinion on Bristol Palin, the pregnant teenage daughter of Republican Vice President hopeful Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin has supported abstinence before marriage policies and her 17-year-old daughter Bristol isn’t married, although she’s announced that she plans to marry boyfriend Levi Johnson.

Bristol and Levi have been dating for a year, and 18-year-old Levi has “Bristol” tattooed on his left ring finger.

So, a couple of days after the news broke, celebrities have been weighing in on Bristol’s pregnancy. “It’s never easy when you’re dealing with something like teen pregnancy,” said Eva Mendes. “People need to look beyond that and give her [Sarah] the chance to have her fair say.”

Lindsay Lohan posted her opinion on her MySpace page. “Well, I think the real problem comes from the fact that we are taking the focus off of getting to know Sarah Palin and her political views, and what she can do to make our country a less destructive place. Its distracting from the real issues, the real everyday problems that this country experiences. I am concerned with the fact that Sarah Palin brought the attention to her daughter’s pregnancy, rather than all world issues and what she believes she could possibly do to change them-if elected. I get Sarah Palin’s views against abortion, but i would much prefer to hear more about what she can do for our country rather than how her daughter is going to have a child no matter what.”

And fellow teen mom Jamie Lynn Spears reportedly ordered a gift of baby burp cloths from chi chi Los Angeles baby boutique Petit Tresor, with a card reading “Dear Bristol, Hang in there! XXOO, Jamie Lynn Spears”

So here’s the questions… should celebrities be discussing political issues? Or is this whole situation nobody’s business but Bristol and her family’s?

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