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Can Fetal Heart Rate Predict Gender?

I first heard this “myth” from my midwife while expecting one of my children. The heart rate was 155 beats per minute and she accurately predicted I was having a female child.

Being the curious type, I asked her for more information. If the heart rate is over 145 beats per minute she said, it most almost always indicated a girl. If it was under 145 beats per minute, it was a boy. You don’t say! It seemed a little crazy to me, but you know, this method did accurately predict the sexes of my children, and also my sister’s child.

For my girls, they all had heartbeats of over 150 beats per minute in utero. My son had a heartbeat of 130 beats per minute or around there most of the time. I say most of the time, because his heart rate(just like his sister’s heart rates) did increase with age. Therefore, I’d say from my experience, that the early heart rates should be used as a predictor if you are interested in trying out this method.

Of course, you won’t really know with 100% certainty until after the birth of you child, so it’s best to NOT get your hopes up. I’ve known people who really desired one gender over the other and were crushed when they discovered that the child they were carrying may not be the gender they wanted.

My sister has two children and was hoping for a male child with each pregnancy. As we were both pregnant at the same time with our 2nd and 5th children respectively, we decided to have some fun and try to figure out the gender of our unborn babies using many of the old wive’s tales we had heard during our childhood. Her child had a heartbeat of 160 beats per minute–a girl–according to this myth. My child had a heartbeat of 130 beats per minute–a boy. It should be noted that as they aged, her child’s heartbeat dropped, and my child’s heartbeat increased. She refused to accept anything other than the reality of a male child, and this caused her great stress and anxiety during her pregnancy.

Our children were born one month and one day apart last year. Her child was a girl and my child was a boy. I joke with her that it took me four girls to get that boy (truly, I didn’t have five children for that reason I assure you) and she should keep trying! She was not amused.

Have you ever used this method to determine if your baby was a boy or a girl? Did it work for you?

7 years 3 months ago
My first son had a heart rate at one time at 167bpm and his heart rate always stayed in the 150’s. I do not believe this theory is true because if it was true he would have been a girl. I am pregnant with my 2nd child and we will find out next month if it is a girl or boy. The heart rate has been maintaining around the 150 range. I guess you really dont know until you have a ultrasound because the theory of determining gender by heart rate failed on me the 1st time I was pregnant.
7 years 3 months ago

Just the opposite for me. I have 2 girls and 2 boys and the boys were the higher FHR (150-170) and the girls were lower (120-140)!

7 years 3 months ago

The last time i was pregnant the heart rate was always high- between 145-150 and I had a girl. We are hoping for a boy this time and the heart rate has been slower being around 125-130 (i am only 10 weeks). I’ll keep my fingers crossed- but will love whatever god gives me:)

7 years 5 months ago

My midwife also went by this rule, and also accurately predicted my son was a boy. His heart beat always ranged 125 to 135.

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