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Britney was bad enough…

jamielynnspears.jpg… and then came Jamie-Lynn.

I actually liked Britney’s music, but I was cringing already when little girls everywhere decided to be cute copycats of her by dancing to her music and wearing similar outfits. And it was scary that Britney, and all the other teen idols like her, got sexier and forgive the word, somehow dirtier.

Then you get peppered by news of these young celebrities in all states of undress (like Vanessa Hudgens) and inebriety (like Lindsay Lohan). Paris Hilton, another little girl/preteen favorite, even landed herself in jail.

And now here’s Nickelodeon star Jamie Lynn, age sixteen, confirming she’s pregnant. This tells her fans that not only was she engaging in sexual activities this early (which might be considered cool by some kids), she was also not using protection (which other kids may consider cooler).

Parents are advised to talk to their kids about Jamie Lynn but I fear that’s not enough. Somebody has to be accountable for these young idols when they make such huge mistakes because the damage they do is seldom limited to them. Who truly knows just how huge an impact a celebrity makes in a fan’s life?

And who can really tell when a celebrity’s influence ends?

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