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Book Review: Your Pregnancy for the Father-To-Be

Click here to see purchase options from Amazon.comI should start off my review by warning you that I’m always elated by any product that prompts fathers to step up and support the women bearing their children, and although we women all know that there is no way in God’s Green Earth that a man can ever understand what we’re going through when pregnant it’s always endearingly sweet when they try really hard.

I knew I was going to like this book a lot when I read this:

“Supporting your partner through the months of pregnancy is one of the best gifts you can give your child.”

The rest of the book was really informative and easy to read, but the thing I liked most about it was I could tell it was written with the intention of letting men in on the simple fact that women need a lot of support during pregnancy.  The theme of being a help to pregnant partners is present throughout the book, but it’s not done in an obnoxious way.  The authors don’t tell readers, “Hey, you got her pregnant, so now you need to step it up.”  Instead, it’s a much more supportive urging to be the best partner and father-to-be as possible.

I also liked the format of this book.  It’s broken into chapters but there are also little interludes within the chapter including personal experiences from the authors and myths debunked.  My favorite are the “Brownie Points in the Doghouse” that offer tips to dads-to-be that help them to be more supportive.  For example, one of them warns men to not point out how huge their partners are getting because – as we all know – this cannot end well.

The book also has a couple of chapters devoted to after the baby is born, and even goes into what dads need to consider before they agree to have another baby.  I liked how the book doesn’t just leave things with, “Congratulations on the new baby…the end” because – as most of us somewhat seasoned parents know – the baby being born is hardly the end.

Would I recommend this book to friends of mine who have pregnant partners? Yes, I would, and I would even recommend it to men who are merely considering having a baby with their partner.  This book is great at revealing to men that there is a lot more to a man’s role during pregnancy than doing the initial deed and then handing out cigars when it’s all over.

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