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Bleeding During Pregnancy

Bleeding During PregnancyWhen you are pregnant, bleeding or spotting can cause a lot of worry and wonder.  Such experiences are supposedly common: about 1/4 of all pregnant women will experience bleeding or spotting during her pregnancy according to statistics.

How do you know that your bleeding is just “simply bleeding” and not a sign of miscarriage?  There are some clues that may help.  It should be noted that any time you are pregnant and are concerned, you should call your doctor.  If you are experiencing bleeding, please call you doctor for more advice and information immediately unless your doctor has otherwise directed you.

That having been said, you may wonder what it all means.  How DO you tell the difference between something scary and something mostly harmless? You may also wondering what will happen next. I have bled or spotted with almost all of my pregnancies.  I’ve lost some of those pregnancies.  This is what I’ve learned.

There is a difference between “old” and “new” blood.  This is one thing the doctors always asked me.  What is the color of the blood?  Red means new; brown spotting means old blood and doesn’t seem to be a “big deal”.

Another thing that doctors always asked me was how much bleeding there was.  That’s hard to gauge actually.  A good way to have something definitive to tell the doctor is to put on a pantyliner.  You can say that you haven’t soiled the liner and it’s been on about so many hours or you can say that you’ve been soiling through a pad every so many minutes.

Another thing that was very important to the doctors was if I was experiencing pain.  During my miscarriages, not only was I bleeding quite a bit, but I was also experiencing a significant amount of pain.  For one miscarriage, I felt the pain in my stomach. It felt like really bad cramps.  For the other miscarriage, I felt the pain in my back.

I found that one of the first questions that doctors ask about when you are bleeding is if you’ve had sex recently.  For some women, this can cause irritation, which can cause bleeding.  They will also ask you if you have reason to believe that you have an infection, which can also cause bleeding.  Fibroid tumors can also cause bleeding during pregnancy.

Some of my bleeding episodes have landed me in the ER.  For my last child, my fibroids were causing a lot of bleeding.  Even though the blood was brown, I was soiling through pads.  My doctor advised me to go to the ER for an ultrasound.  At the ER, they determined that our child was fine.

I know how scary bleeding can be during pregnancy.  Hopefully, you’ll never experience any bleeding!  Please note that above ALL else, you need to contact your doctor!

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