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Awesome Dad-to-Be’s

I’ve heard many interesting stories from my friends about how their husband’s reacted to their wives’ pregnancies. Stories range from the husbands putting their wives on veritable thrones throughout the pregnancy to simply bolting from the relationship because they just couldn’t handle everything.

My favorite stories about dad-to-be’s involve those guys who really go above and beyond the call of duty…those guys who don’t get weird in their over-protectiveness yet who manage to make their wives feel as though they are truly being taken care of like a pregnant person should be.

Here is the best one I’ve heard: A friend of mine was pregnant with her first baby. She and her husband had a tiny house with a loft bedroom, meaning every time she had to go to the bathroom she actually had to scale down a ladder. This wasn’t too much of a problem until she got really huge in her third trimester and woke up several times a night to visit the toilet. She didn’t want to sleep on the couch downstairs because it wasn’t nearly as comfortable as the bed, but this whole ladder deal was taking a toll on her every night.

Her husband is an engineer, so using his designing brains he actually constructed her a temporary toilet upstairs in the bedroom. I never got to see it, but apparently it involved a lot of wood and a big bowl. It was all very medieval, from what I imagine. Think about how awesome this guy was:

1. He made a toilet – from scratch – for his wife so she wouldn’t have to go up and down the ladder all night long.

2. He helped her clean it out every morning.

3. Perhaps most importantly of all, he never made her feel as though it was weird that she was peeing in the bedroom.

Now THAT’S a supportive husband.

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