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Asthma in Children Linked to Cleaning Products Used in Pregnancy

asthmachildrenpregnancy.jpgMoms who use more cleaning products when pregnancy have a greater change of having a child with asthma. 7-year-old children were up to 41% more likely to have wheezing or asthma if their moms used a lot of products like bleach or air freshener while pregnant.

It’s hard to resist the nesting urge, and the desire to have everything as clean as possible before baby arrives. If you have to clean, use natural products (like vinegar, and baking soda) when possible, or do things like vacuuming which don’t need chemicals.

Use your domestic energy making and freezing meals, which I wish I had done more. Instead, I had a mania for cleaning the kitchen floor, and lived off takeout and frozen pizza after my son was born.

Do the cleaning that needs to be done, then put your feet up. The best thing you can do is, instead of looking after the house, look after yourself. It’s totally chemical free. Take care of yourself mama!

Source – Medical News Today

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