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Are you for push presents?

areyouforpushpresents.jpgIt was on E! that I first encountered the term. Celebrity fathers, having tons of disposable income, are all jumping on the push present bandwagon by lavishing baubles (usually of the diamond kind) on the mother of their child after the birth.

Pierce Brosnan was reported to have given his wife diamond and gold bracelets plus a two-week trip to Bora Bora. Ben Affleck supposedly gave Jennifer Garner purply jewelry after daughter Violet’s birth but Jen was reported to have had them returned. Tori Spelling, being the heiress to an empire and therefore having more money, was rumored to have gotten a boob job as a push present to her husband instead.

Push presents (gifts given after the delivery of a child, with the word ?push? referring to labor) have caught on over the years, made more popular by celebrities and even exploited by jewelry makers. Supposedly, it is anything that rewards the mother for all the pregnancy sacrifices she had to make, acknowledges the pain of labor (or being cut), commemorates the birth of a child and celebrates the new addition to the family. It is actually a tradition common in some parts of Europe and Asia (like England and India) that has just been brought into the mainstream.

People are still divided on the wisdom of this practice. Some find it illogical, for why would you reward a woman for something she is biologically programmed to do? Some find it impractical, why spend more money on a material thing when a new baby will already stretch the family budget? Some find it insensitive, that women cannot be happy and grateful enough for having been given the gift of a child while others out there are finding it hard to conceive. Some find it just adds additional stress to the couple because they get sucked into peer pressure, with Daddy having to deliver and Mommy having to get something.

However, some dads like honoring their wives? sacrifices and thus consider them deserving of the treat. Some dads also acknowledge budgetary constraints and their wives? personality and tailor the gift accordingly. After all, push presents need not always be jewelry, or diamonds.

It can be any jewelry with the baby?s birthstone. It can be parenting books to help you both cope with the new baby. It can be salon or spa gift certificates for when the wife wants some pampering. It can be funky and fashionable nursing clothes. It can be Swiss chocolates, especially if she deprived herself of sweets during the pregnancy. It can be a weekend getaway a month after the birth to rekindle the romance in your relationship. It can be as simple as her favorite flowers, or as thoughtful as chores coupons.

So, are you for push presents?

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