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A One-in-a-Billion Baby Girl

Here’s an incredible story of a miracle baby girl born in Australia this week.

Ectopic pregnancies, where a baby starts to grow inside a fallopian tube instead of the womb, usually end in miscarriage, or are terminated because of the risk to the mother. An ectopic pregnancy can irreparably rupture the fallopian tube, requiring a hysterectomy, or can even be fatal to the mother.

For this mother, her baby daughter didn’t just start to grow in her fallopian tube, she started to grow inside her ovary. This kind of pregnancy is incredibly rare, and usually impossible for the baby to survive.

Little Durga – her name means “goddess” was born healthy and well, weighing 6 lb 3oz, at 38 weeks. And what is incredible about this case, is that her mom, and her doctors, had no idea until Durga was delivered by cesarean section.

The hospital reports that Durga and her mom are both doing well.

Doctors say that it is unheard of for a baby that begins developing in an ovary to reach full term, and are astounded that her mom’s ovary didn’t break. Truly a miraculous case!

Miracle Baby Born in Australia

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