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A Few Pregnancy Confessions

apregnancyconfessions.jpgWe had our 12-week Ultrasound screening the other day. The test was optional, since I’m only 34 and not in the ‘increased risk’ category yet. But my husband and I agreed we wanted the screening more to get the sonogram picture than anything else!

Whenever other people would show me early sonogram pictures, try as I might, I’d never see anything more than just a blob on the screen. Either Ultrasound technology has advanced dramatically in the past few years, or it’s a case where it’s simply ‘different when it’s your baby.’ What do you think?

We were actually able to see the baby, although it looked more like a little alien with its oversized head. I got chills when the baby turned and ‘looked’ straight at us on the monitor. Even more wonderful was the smile on my husband’s face.

He responded with a stoic ‘cool’ when I asked him what he thought, but his expression said it all. I loved him more in that moment than I think I ever have before.

In fact, that’s been a prevalent emotion for the past few weeks. The pregnancy hormone Oestrogen creates a sense of well-being in the first trimester. But this goes beyond that. I feel like a teenager again, giddy around my husband. I have never been this much in love and even feel all teary-eyed when I think about it.

This makes it even harder when my irritability and mood swings affect him, pushing him further away. But when squabbles occur, it becomes easier for me to talk about my feelings, because I am coming from a place of pure love.

In the second trimester, physical and hormonal changes create an enhanced sex drive. (I’m not sure I could talk about that and keep it family-friendly!) But this goes beyond that, to a very pure emotional state. Anyone else experience this during pregnancy?

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