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5 Great Things About Pregnancy

5greatpregnancy.jpgPregnancy is a joy and a marvel. It’s amazing to think about a new life growing inside of your belly that you and your significant other came together and made. While that is enough for many women, there are some other (and often overlooked) great things about pregnancy that should not be forgotten. Here are my top five.

  1. It’s a free pass to relax. Feeling tired or need to put your feet up? No problem! Most people will understand when a pregnant woman needs to take a break to rest for a minute. This works especially well once you start to show – in fact, many times people will actually ask you if you need a break or would like to sit down.
  2. Cleaning the kitty litter is off limits. Hand over the scoop to someone else – cleaning the littler box can cause you to get toxoplasmosis, an infection you can catch from a microscopic parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. Although the infection is generally a mild illness for people with healthy immune systems, it is risky to get it while pregnant, as the parasite can sometimes infect the placenta and your baby. It’s best to play it safe and get someone else to do kitty litter duty.
  3. New clothes are in order. After about 14 weeks, most pregnant women need to move on to maternity clothes. Maternity clothes today are not your mother’s clothes – in fact, many designers are making clothes for pregnant women. Check out the Liz Lange collection at Target for cute and reasonably priced clothes.
  4. Pregnancy is a great excuse to get out of things you don’t want to do. Don’t want to attend your neighbor’s daughter’s birthday party? Come down with a case of morning sickness (which can last all day).
  5. It’s just you and baby. This is the only time you will be alone with your baby all the time and he or she is completely dependent only on you. Relish this time you have together by talking to your belly, reading stories and singing to your baby, and just enjoying the bonding time you are sharing.

What are some of your favorite things about pregnancy?

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