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10 Creative Ways to Share Pregnancy News

10creativepregnancynews.jpgFinding out that you are pregnant is a time of great excitement. Once you’ve received the good news, by way of a positive pregnancy test and/or a blood test at your doctor’s office, dozens of decisions will suddenly need to be made. Who should you tell first? When? Do you want to wait until after the ‘safe’ period of the second trimester has arrived, or share the good news right away?

Whenever or however you decide to do it, you’ll want to make sure that sharing the news is memorable for both you and the recipients. Here are 10 creative ways to share the happy news with your family. Don’t forget the video camera!

  1. Wrap up and give them a picture frame with, instead of a photo, a note inside with a message ‘To be filled on (due date).’
  2. Share your vacation or other recent photos with relatives, but sneak a sonogram photo into the stack.
  3. Send a card to your parents that is aimed at grandparents, such as ‘Happy Birthday, Grandpa!’ and sign the message inside with Baby (lastname), coming on (due date).
  4. If you have a child already, have them wear a t-shirt or onesie that reads ‘I’m a big sister’ or I’m a big brother’ at a family function, and see who notices first.
  5. Place the positive home pregnancy test in a long bracelet or pen box, wrap it up and give it to your parents to open.
  6. Give your parents a pink and a blue balloon (or just a pink or a blue one, if you already know the gender of your baby), and let them try to figure out why.
  7. Bring over a bunch of pregnancy-related movies to watch together: ‘She’s Having a Baby,’ ‘Nine Months,’ ‘Father of the Bride 2,’ ‘Junior,’ ‘Knocked Up,’ etc. See if anyone catches on to the theme.
  8. If you’re the expecting mother, show up at a family function with a t-shirt that reads ‘Baby on Board,’ ‘Due in June (or the month you are due)’ or ‘Baby’ with an arrow pointing at your belly.
  9. Send or bring flowers – a bouquet of pink and blue flowers (or just pink and blue if you know the gender).
  10. Give parents a book on grand parenting, such as ‘Chicken Soup for the Grandparent’s Soul‘ or ‘That’s What Grandparents Are For.’

How did you share the news with family?

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