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What if Your Home is Robbed and You Lose All Your Pictures?

What if Your Home is Robbed and You Lose All Your Pictures?

Sometimes we feel some things can be put off for another day. Sadly, for many of us this may be too late. Such was the case of a young mother of three who kept all of her treasured pictures on her husband’s computer.

The family went out for a nice weekend family vacation only to come back to a home that was cleaned out by thieves. Apart from the jewelry, televisions, and appliances that were taken, the computer containing all the pictures she had of her family was stolen as well.

Among that treasure trove of photos were all of the photos taken of her youngest daughter.

Every picture. Ever taken. Of her one year old daughter. Gone.

Every precious first milestone … first smile, first tooth, first steps … forever lost.

As a records manager with IT training I strongly believe in having a backup and then a backup of the backup. I don’t think we can ever be too cautious when it comes to saving and protecting what’s important to us.

There are a number of ways to backup your photos:

  • Print them
  • Store them on DVDS

Don’t keep your backups all in one place

  • Give copies to family members or close friends
  • Places copies of the most important pictures in safety deposit boxes
  • Upload to more than one photo sharing website

There are many online photo sharing and storage sites that can help protect those special moments. If you’re a parent, Babies Online provides the perfect solution for uploading photos of your little ones. Attach them to milestones and journal entries and you have an online diary of your baby’s life to share with friends and family, AND to have in case of emergency.

Another great source for storing photographs online is Clark Color. Not only can you store an unlimited number of pictures for free, you can also order professionally printed copies in any size (if you catch one of their sales you can have them printed for as little as a penny each!)

You could also try Mozy. Here you will get 2gb of free online photo storage (that’s quite a bit) and save on additional storage needs with a 20% discount by using code UPLINE. Mozy boasts having business-level features at consumer-level pricing.

Finding Time to Upload Pictures

Time is an issue for many parents but you can make the task of data backup less daunting:

  • Sort pictures into groups as you put them on your computer
  • Upload small sets each time you are online
  • Upload large batches of photos overnight

If I have a lot of photos, I will schedule them to upload while I’m sleeping. By the time the 7am alarm goes off, hundreds of my photos are safely uploaded to a server across the country.

Putting aside a few minutes today may prevent the heartache of losing your pictures tomorrow, whether to fire, robbery, or computer failure.

Do you have a suggestion on safeguarding photos? Please, share with us!

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