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Taking Pictures in the Cold

Taking Pictures in the Cold

coldpictures.jpgIt is very common to see moms and dads out on the playground with their children during the warmer months with their cameras, and snapping pictures of their child’s warmer extracurricular activities. However, once it gets chilly out, many of the cameras seem to go away, even though some of the best pictures can be taken during these colder months.

If you are in a location that gets a good amount of snow, take advantage of the snow and use it like a prop for your pictures. Have your children make snow angels, and capture pictures of them having a snowball fight or building Frosty. One of my favorite pictures of my son is from when he was one years old, bundled up in his jacket, sitting in the snow with fresh snowflakes falling on his head. This is a picture I would have never been able to take had I not taken a risk and taken the picture in the cold.

You can also use different props in the snow and cold weather that you aren’t able to use in the summer. Dress your daughter up in your way too big fur coat for her keep warm. Get out the sled or borrow your neighbors for your kids to sit on. Use scarf?s and hats to give your children different looks.

Don’t worry about the cold hurting your camera or affecting your pictures. Your camera should work fine in cold weather. You should however protect it from condensation when going from cold to warm by putting it in an airtight plastic bag until the camera reaches room temperature. Also be sure that you take extra batteries as the cold makes them run down faster.

You may be afraid that you or your kids will not stay warm enough to take pictures. Be sure to wear warm thin gloves that will keep moisture away from your skin while allowing you to be able to press the button. Don’t forget your hiking boots, galoshes, scarf?s and hats when or if they are needed.

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