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Review: Clark “Picture Me” Book

Let me tell you about this really clever book I ordered for my son through Clark Color Labs. I got 50% OFF for being a Member of Babies Online (Use Coupon Code: BOLPICME). It’s called a “Picture Me” book and it featured a photo of him throughout the whole book. He was featured as a dinosaur in the one I bought called Dinosaur Adventures, and if I do say so myself he makes a very handsome dinosaur indeed.

It was so easy to make! All I did was download a photo of his face to the Clark website. It was a very user-friendly process, and I was really relieved because I was afraid it would be incredibly technical and difficult. Once I found the photo that I wanted to use it was simple: download the photo, crop it using the editing tools, and then click to accept. I was finished with the whole process in less than five minutes.

I couldn’t wait to see my son’s reaction to his own face in a dinosaur book so I ordered the book for overnight delivery. It arrived today, and here was my son’s initial response: “Hey, that’s me!” Then he let out a hearty laugh and asked me to read the book. We read it through three times before we put it down, and he was pretty upset that we had to stop reading because dinner was ready.

The book looked great. I was really pleased with how simple the whole process was and I love the finished product. My older daughter insists on ordering one for her too because it was so cute.

I think this makes a great gift for young kids, and I think babies will get a real kick out of seeing their own faces in a story book. Something tells me I’m going to hang on to this book for quite some time, long after my son has moved past his love of dinosaurs.

If you would like to take advantage of the exclusive Babies Online deal and get your own Picture Book from Clark Color Labs for 50% off, click here. (and don’t forget to enter the coupon code: BOLPICME at checkout)

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