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How To Take Better Pictures of You and Baby

You’ve just had a baby, and you’re avoiding the camera for a number of reasons.  Maybe you don’t feel well to start, or your face may be a little puffy, and belly still a bit pouchy.  Your baby on the other hand, is a darling.  You keep snapping pictures of the cutie-pie and yet it’s not turning out exactly how you want it to.  You’re thinking you need professional photographers to even get a decent picture of you and your baby together.  But maybe you just need some photography advice.

Below are tips on how to look better in pictures, and how to take better pictures of your adorable baby.

For Mom

  • mrshekmiposeAngle yourself. Don’t look at the camera straight on with your full body unless you’re trying to take a before and after picture.  Angle yourself a bit sideways – not completely sideways, just a little bit.  The straight into the camera look is rarely flattering for anyone.  Congratulations! You’ve just narrowed your waist!
  • Angle the arm closest to the camera. Don’t squash your arm against your body.  Either put your hand on your waist, or casually lift up your forearm 30 degrees and let it hang.  You’ve just slimmed down your arm.
  • Place one leg in front of the other.  Make sure the leg your placing in front is on the same side as the angled arm.  You’ve just created a slimmer and sexier silhouette.
  • Look up. Don’t let chin droop down, and lengthen your neck a little bit.  This prevents or de-emphasizes double-chins, and you’ll be happier with the results.
  • Pay attention to our posture.  The universally flattering posture is back straight, shoulders back, stomach in, and top it off with a dazzling them with a smile.
  • Pay attention to your clothing. If you know your picture will be taken, here are some ideas for flattering mom tops: empire-waisted shirts, tunic tops, perhaps in black.  Wear a good-fitting bra, and make sure all items are in your size.  Don’t try to squish into pre-pregnancy clothes if you’re not there yet.  But don’t get lost in a sea of fabric either, thinking that flowy material will hide your bulges.  Flowy materials add bulk; stick to your size.
  • And now to hide what most new moms say is their problem area: the tummy. Use your adorable infant and hold them up across your stomach, and you’ve got an instant natural block.

For Baby

  • The most important rule of all is to use natural light.  It is the most flattering, and may be the number one rule in getting the best picture out of your non-professional camera.  Position your baby by the window, the glass doors, or go outdoors and snap away.  Make sure not to take pictures of them against the sunlight if you do step outdoors.  This means you gotta turn off the flash as well.
  • Make sure they’re in the mood.  If baby ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, and your pictures will show it.  Make sure they’re not cranky because it’s time to sleep, that they’re fed and that they’re not too hot in outfits you’ve planned to take pictures of them wearing.  That should go a long way in ensuring a smooth at-home photo session.
  • Use interesting fabrics to place them on.  Chunky textures, colorful blankets, interesting designs.  All of this will pop out in a picture.
  • Take pics of them sleeping.  Make sure they’re in a deep enough slumber that will allow you to put them in different positions without waking them.  Place them in that beautiful textured blanket with an outfit of your choice, with direct sunlight, and you’re sure to be pleased with the outcome.
  • Try not to use automatic mode.  Play around with your camera.  Use portrait mode if you can.  This will focus the picture on your little one’s face even more.  For more advanced settings, consult your manual, and play around with a setting called aperture, which lets you refine images.

Perhaps the most important photo advice is to relax, have fun, and don’t be afraid of the camera.

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