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Volunteering with your Baby

volunteeringbaby.jpgIt may sound like an absurd idea, but it is completely possible to do some volunteer work with your baby in tow. If you’re anything like me you found that the first few months at home were a huge whirlwind, but pretty soon you’re ready to add a little something onto your plate that will get you out of the house and make you feel better about your contribution to society.

I contacted a local government program that specialized in assisting elderly people and signed up to visit a home-bound woman once a week. I took my daughter with me and the lady really enjoyed having a baby in her house. We chatted about all sorts of things, and she gave me some really great advice about being a mom (My favorite bit was, “Honey, babies have off days, just like we do. They’re human.”). We kept this up until my daughter got old enough to walk and therefore get into trouble in a house that was nowhere near baby-proofed.

I also found a great volunteer opportunity teaching acting lessons at a summer camp through a local elementary school. They were so thrilled to have me there that they didn’t mind me bringing my daughter, who was eagerly passed around by the teachers and assistants while I taught.

You don’t even need to leave your house to volunteer. There are plenty of coalitions and organizations that are more than willing to send stuff your way. You can stuff envelopes, write copy, or make phone calls for a cause that you’re passionate about. You’re doing some good and also demonstrating to your children that one person can make a huge difference. Sure, a baby might not grasp this concept, but if you continue on then it’s something that will become commonplace for your kids and maybe they can help you in your volunteering efforts when they get a little older.

To get started, find a cause you believe in and give them a call. Ask them what you can do to help with a baby in tow. You may be surprised at how eagerly they work with you and find something you can start right away.

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