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Travelling is a family affair

Travelling is a family affairI’m sorry if I haven’t posted during the last couple of days. You see, it has been a long weekend in our corner of the woods (Thursday till Sunday) so we took this opportunity to travel and introduce to our almost six-year-old twins to another milestone – staying at a youth hostel.

My husband and I love traveling and we have so far visited more than 40 countries in 6 continents. Then we had kids and we had to cut down on exploring unknown territories and restrict our vacations in the security and predictability of family-oriented hotels and holiday destinations; where baby beds and changing tables and microwave ovens are part of the deal.

However, since our boys turned 5, we started testing their readiness for rougher and longer – (not to mention cheaper) – traveling. Last summer, we drove through 5 European countries in a period of 2 weeks covering more than 2500 km and sleeping in different places – motels or staying with friends – not more two nights in one place. On a weekend last year, we also tried spending the night in a tent in a mountain camping ground.

And still we are continuing to test the waters. We spent the last three nights in a youth hostel right at Lake Geneva, in a tiny room with 4 bunk beds and had to share the bathroom facilities with a dozen people. It was one of the cheapest and loveliest holidays we’ve ever had.

So now we think our boys are ready for farther and more adventurous destinations. We have already something planned later in the year but I won’t tell you (yet) where and what it will be.

Anyway, if you are travel crazy like us, do not let having kids stand in the way and wait till they are out of the house. Instead, include your kids in your plans. Unless there medical reasons not to do so, children are most capable of travelling. Start them young. Prepare them early. Show them the world. Make travelling a family affair!

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