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Tough Questions

toughquestions.jpgMy daughter learned to speak at a very early age. She has always had a huge vocabulary for her age, and although I think it helped a lot when it came to discipline because she could convey her wants and needs and she could also understand what I was asking of her, she also came up with some really tough questions that I was often taken aback by.

When she was nearly two she asked me what was in the cemetery we drove by, who Jesus is, and where babies come from…all in one car drive coming home from the store. No kidding. I tried my best to answer all her questions without acting as though I was perplexed by what the correct age-appropriate answers for her would be, although I was indeed a little confused as to how to answer the questions without taking the conversation to a different place. I told her the cemetery had gravestones, Jesus is the same guy we talk about in church, and babies come from mommies. She seemed fine with these responses, and I gave a big sigh of relief.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to talk about death, spirituality, and sex with my daughter…I think it has something to do with the fact that I’m not quite convinced that she’s ready to grasp these concepts fully and I don’t want to say something wrong and mess up her way of thinking about these sensitive things.

One thing is for sure, though; the questions are only going to get harder as time goes on!

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