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Time to baby-proof

I recently saw an ad for baby safety gates. There was a photo of a multi-sectioned gate, entirely surrounding a decorated Christmas tree. Baby sat happily (and safely) outside the gate. I hadnt thought of this before but it certainly is a good idea. In six weeks or so, we’ll be putting up our tree and trimming itbut this year, we’ll have an eight-month old to contend with.

Our baby is six months old, today. Hes been getting up on his hands and knees and rocking, often whining out of frustration because he is so anxious to be mobile. Hes been traveling a distance via the army crawl for weeks, which has led him into some trouble. We are back to where we were years ago: almost everything is a potential danger or accident waiting to happen.

More than once, our little man has rocked on his hands and knees and smacked his face into the floor. Even when I thought he was safe, he proved me wrong. I doubled up a big soft comforter on our tile bathroom floor and placed him on it while I washed up in the sink. When his poor little head hit the floor, it didnt sound like he had a soft blanket beneath him. I heard him hit the tile right through the comforter. Then came the scream and I scooped him up, feeling absolutely horrible. How dare I put personal hygiene before my babys safety?

Another rocking/crawling attempt ended with his head hitting the wall, after he sprang forward. Now we really keep him far from the walls and/or place pillows against any which he may slither or rock into.

I remember putting safety latches on all of the cabinets and outlet covers on all of the electrical outlets when our big boys were little. We are in a different, larger house now and there is much work to be done. Well need safety latches on the toilets and the oven, soft padding on corners of walls, furniture and the slate hearth. Well have to change our thinking entirely, and train our boys to do the same; every tiny object is now a potential choking hazard. Sliding doors and hard wood floors are potential dangers for our little explorer. Cleaning fluids and other liquids must be kept out of reach or behind latched cabinets. My husband can no longer leave tools lying around when he’s in the middle of a project and the kids can’t leave things like scissors and markers lying around?

Now that I’m thinking about all of this, I‘m off to make a list of safety devices and a trip to Babies ‘R Us, because once baby’s really on the move, we’ll be tearing our hair out unless we’re entirely baby-proofed.

Are there any other little details I’m forgetting? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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