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timeforyou.jpgI’m writing this at the gym.

Seriously, I am. My gym has a nice lounge area that I sometimes relax in with my laptop while the kids enjoy the babysitting service. Most days of the week I come here to exercise, get a shower, and then do some work while my son and daughter play with other little friends in the playroom. It used to be that I would wait to exercise, get a shower, and do some work after the kids had gone to bed at night. I was under the impression that leaving my kids with anyone else was a surefire path to disaster, especially since we don’t have any family living nearby and that means I have to (gulp!) rely on strangers to watch my kids when I need a breather. So what did that make me? A smelly, tired, overworked mommy who barely had enough energy to get through the day. Not good.

It took me quite some time to realize that I need some time away from the kids, and I think a lot of that had to do with the idea in my head that my babies would think I was abandoning them if I left them with anyone else. Then I read an article that said something incredibly poignant: Just like we need breaks from our kids, they need breaks from us. The light bulb in my head lit up and I began to realize that everyone needs time away, even from people they desperately love. Besides, I really am a better mom when I get time to refresh myself once in a while.

So here I sit, typing and sipping on a smoothie while my kids enjoy the enviable and inordinate energy that the gals in the babysitting room seem to have. Soon I’ll pack everything up and go gather my kiddos into my arms and we’ll go run our errands before lunch, but when I do go gather them up I’ll do it a lot more refreshed than when I dropped them off. Time for me is really time for everyone, because it equips me to be a better mom. Drop the guilt, moms and dads. You NEED some time for you.

Yep, soon I’ll go get them…but for now, I’m going to finish my smoothie.

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