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In less than three weeks, I will be a parent of two. The days where I can think to myself my wife is taking care of the kid; therefore I can read/sleep/watch tv/browse the internet/whatever will soon be gone. The number of people under three feet in height, who cannot operate the stove or bathe themselves, will equal the number of people over three feet in height with those skills.

When my wife is tending to our baby, nursing him or changing his diaper, I will not have moments to catch my breath. I will be chasing after our preschool-aged daughter. And when I am having a cuddle with our baby boy, I cannot do so with the knowledge that I am offering her some free time.

Everything is about to change.

On the one hand, I am excited. I am stoked to meet my son, to see his bewildered face as he stares at me, all swaddled in a hospital cap that will inevitably be two sizes too big. I cannot wait to see just how big he really is (current speculation is that he is over 10 pounds, and we still have 20 days before delivering).

On the other hand, I am nervous. When we are both at home, we have even numbers, but during a typical day (once my post-partum vacation time off has expired) my wife will be outnumbered. I know everything will be fine, but I still worry. And when we are both at home, I will no longer have those opportunities for brief “me time” episodes where my girls are doing something together. Again, I know that deep down everything will be fine, but I still worry.

For those of you with two (or – yikes – more) children, how did you find the transition? How do you find it now, after you’ve settled into some sort of groove or routine?

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