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The Shower Dilemma

theshowerdilemma2.jpgI’ll admit it: Some days I never get to take a shower because it just doesn’t work out. When you’re dealing with two young kids during the day, getting the time to take a shower is actually a lot harder than some people would think. After all, when you take a shower you really can’t hear anything but the water, so you either have to find time to shower when another adult is at home, or you have to trust that your kids aren’t getting into something horrible while you grab the quickest shower known to man.

I tried a lot of different approaches through the years. In the beginning I would wake up before my husband did and grab a shower before he headed off to work, but that was pretty early in the morning and since I was waking up to nurse a couple of times throughout the night I had a hard time motivating myself to forsake ten minutes of sleep for a shower.

Then I tried showering at night before going to bed, but that didn’t work too well either. By the time the kids were in bed I was so exhausted that all I really wanted to do was plop on the couch, so some nights I would skip the shower altogether.

I tried showering while my baby sat in a bouncy chair but I was always afraid that something horrible would happen (even though I was right there and could see the bouncy chair the whole time). I remember a couple times when I was showering and my baby was screaming from the bouncy, and I remember thinking that no shower was worth all this grief.

Nowadays I usually shower at the gym, or I’ll shower while my son naps and my daughter watches some TV. There are still some days, though, when I just don’t make it into the shower. I’m thinking that the ability to look somewhat pulled together even though I sometimes have to skip showering is just another amazing talent that God has blessed mommies with.

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