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televisionsafety.jpgAlbuquerque News has reported that a 6-year-old Gypsum, Colorado boy died Saturday night after a television set fell over and killed him. The boy had been climbing up trying to reach for ice skates when the incident occurred. Both parents were at home; although there was nothing they could do to save their son.

My kids are mischievous–always trying something when they think we’re not looking. I could easily see my son doing this exact same thing. He is my little dare-devil; always jumping off stuff and climbing up things. So, I started looking for ways to best secure our television. When I first started looking on the internet; I found many mounting kits for the new flat-screen televisions. I haven’t made it to the new flat-screen age yet, so I begin to dig deeper for mounting sets for the more standard models. I was truly, truly amazed at what I had found.

There is quite a wide variety of television mounting solutions. They have ceiling mounts, wall mounts, swivel and cabinet mounts, pole mounts, truss mounts, and wall and ceiling plates. They even have VCR and DVD mounts to help keep them secure also. I believe that I would go with the swivel mount for our television and am quite pleased with the price as it is pretty reasonable–and most models include free shipping! Also on this particular site I was on; they have the instructions right with the view of the product and I could see how to install it and it seemed simple enough that I can do it on my own instead of needing a degree in engineering to try and figure it out. Free shipping and easy to follow instructions are a major plus for me so I believe that I will order from them.

I thought that since my kids are now 8 and 6; that I wouldn’t have to really worry about ‘baby-proofing’ or securing things down in our house anymore for them (but when our new baby comes in February, everything will have to nailed down or put up on high shelves all over again)-but I guess it just goes to show that you never know what hidden dangers are lurking right in your own living room.

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