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Sleeping Battles Redux

Mom and daughter sleepingI’ve had to revisit the issue of sleep training again, an issue I once thought of as solved. You see before we left for the greener pastures of California, to start my life as a new SAHM, Mina had her sleeping pattern down to a routine we both could live with. She was down by 8 pm, slept anywhere from 5-7 hours, woke up for a night feeding and then down again for another few hours until she was up for good at 7ish.

Now we’re week 1 into our life in California, and her crib has yet to make an appearance. She has had to sleep with me in bed, and some very bad patterns are emerging. She will not fall asleep unless I cradle her. I just can’t pull her blankie over her and lie down on my own space. She has to be cradled. If she wakes up and I’m not skin to skin with her, she starts crying. I’m sure this extra clinginess is also attributable to the fact that there’s just too many new things bombarding her, and she’s clinging to the most familiar: me.

I don’t know what battles will face me when I try to get her to independently sleep in her crib like she had been happy to do back in our old home. I pray to the sleeping gods it is short-lived or non-existent. Non-existent would probably be too good to be true.

Her crib arrives tomorrow. We shall see then.

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