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Single Mom Goes on a Date

I was in a relationship with my son’s father for over ten years, and married for over half of those – basically most of my adult life. My total experience with dating is based on watching Sex and the City, and listening to girlfriends’ escapades and adventures, with just a teeny twinge that I didn’t really get to have all that fun… and a little relief of not dealing with all that hassle too.

So now I’m a single mom, and at the point where I’ve grieved the end of my marriage, and feeling like it might be time to do something for me. I’m not trying to replace my son’s father. He has a father, who wasn’t a good husband, but was a good father. This is for me.

I adore my girlfriends, but it’s also nice to sit on a patio and drink a beer with a man who politely compliments my dress, is passionate about guy things like bikes and football, and doesn’t know or care whether SIGG bottles or Kleen Kanteens are superior in the eco-friendliness and the all important mom-competitiveness stakes.

So now I think I’m ready to at least try out a date. I’m still sore from my marriage breakup, but I’m refocused and now any possible heartache over a man is negligible compared with my love for my son. As long as I have him (which blissfully includes him shouting “I wuv you very much” at me) there’s no guy who can break my heart.

The man who took me out for a drink tonight, a friend-of-a-friend, seems like a nice guy, and we agreed to do it again next week. (Re: men interests… I like my bike too. We had one thing, and a couple of others in common.) I’m taking it slow, and I’m not introducing him to my son any time soon, but we’ll see how things go.

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