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Sad Story Of A Woman Who Can’t Love Her Child

Sad Story Of A Woman Who Can't Love Her ChildI know that these stories have become somewhat common, especially given what we now know about post-partum depression, and after hearing some of the horrific stories that have made the news. However I was still touched by this story and felt compelled to share it.

A woman in Britain named Shelley Price revealed in an interview that she is unable to love her daughter who is now 11. Price who is now 33, admits that she has no problem showing love and affection for her second child, also a girl.

Here’s the back-story; Shelly became pregnant for her first long-term boyfriend when she was 22. They had been together for five years, but the relationship ended shortly after the baby was born. Price was quoted online as saying, “We didn’t bother about protection as I had polycystic ovarian disease and my doctor said it might take years to start a family. So it was a shock when I realized I was expecting. Deep down, I felt it wasn’t the right time for me.”

Although her mother expressed concerns, according to Price, she was determined to prove her wrong. After a healthy pregnancy and routine birth, she was surprised by the feelings that hit her. Price felt no emotional bonding the first time the midwives placed her newborn in her arms. The story quotes Price: “She didn’t feel like my own flesh and blood. She felt dirty‚Ķ I did not want to touch her. I didn’t even want to look at her. I asked the nurse to take her away and clean her. I know it sounds awful, but I just wanted to have a shower and forget all about it.”

While the first thought that comes to mind may be post-partum depression, Price is adamant that is not her problem. She says she did ask for help when her daughter was four, but her concerns were quickly dismissed. Post-partum depression does seem like the most likely reason but of course diagnosis is best left to the experts. Additionally the situation may have been made worse by the breakup of her relationship, making any recovery from her initial problems, if possible that is, all the more difficult.

Price goes on in the interview to describe the way she used to pick her daughter up when she fell, but quickly put her back down. She also talked about being happy to drop her off to play, and dreading the thought of going to get her, and telling her young daughter to call her by her given name.

This is a truly heartbreaking story, and I can only hope that any woman who finds herself in this situation gets help early. It is hard for most of us to even imagine what she and the little girl she calls sweet is going through. I trust that sometime in the future a bond will be built between mother and daughter.

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