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parentingatitsbest.jpgChildren change everything. You heard that before you had children and know it first hand now that you have children. You want your kids to be prepared for life. You want them to be successful. So your priorities have to change once they come into the world. But there are some parenting priorities that never do change.

You are the most important person in your child’s life. You are the first influence they ever have. Make sure that relationship is a strong one. Give your child fair limits. Teach them values and borders in a calm and loving way.

Now that you have taught them values, encourage them to experience life. Instill compassion and empathy. Be a good role model for the building of your child’s character.

Your child needs to learn how to control themselves. It is not your job to do that. They need to take what you have given them and have a chance to develop values of their own. Positive values will come from you encouraging them to make sound decisions about their identity, appearance, interests and who they are.

All children are different. This is proven true when it comes to academic success. Every child learns at a different rate and level. Encourage success that is right for them. Tell them to do the best they can do. Don’t make them feel bad because they didn’t do as well as YOU thought they should. There are programs and classes for older children who have not learned to learn. Let your kids know it is OK to get a little help to be a better person in the end.

Extra-curricular activities are fantastic. But again, each child is different. Don’t push a kid that wants to act in a school play into football. Push for at least one pastime, but make sure it is the right one. Remember that your child still needs unstructured activities to learn things such as tolerance and discipline.

Your priorities have changed but your children’s priorities have just begun. Teach your children the best you can. Then send them out into the world and trust they will use this parenting knowledge to be wonderful people.

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