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Please tell me I’m not the only Mommy who has this problem.

First of all, let me admit to you that I think the world of my kids. I adore them, I think they’re are the best thing ever. I get to spend all day long with them, and although they do a really good job of wearing me out I’m still pleased as can be to have the opportunity to be with them during these preschool years.

Here is the thing: Sometimes I feel like I get over-touched. With two kiddos crawling all over me throughout the day there just comes a point when I have to walk away from all the physical contact for a moment or two to reprogram and reset. My poor husband comes home from work and wants a nice long hug and sometimes by that point I’ve just had enough.

Don’t get me wrong; I love snuggling with my family and spending time with them, but for one reason or another there just comes a point around 3:00 or so where I just can’t handle one more person tugging at my arm or wrapping themselves around my leg.

This started when my first baby was born and I was nursing. I just got to a point where I felt like my body was giving, giving, giving, and needed occasional breaks. All it takes is about three or four minutes of having some time to myself before I’m ready for another great snuggle, but is it possible that I just get over-touched? Am I the only Mommy who has this problem? If I am, I’m going to feel like a complete wacko. If I’m not the only Mommy with this issue then I’ll feel much better about myself.

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