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Oh Baby! You’ve Got the Fever

You know you’re in for it when a simple drive to the grocery store reveals women everywhere strolling down the street with a baby carriage or snuggling their little one in the frozen food aisle. Yup, you’ve got it – Baby Fever.

Celiana Thompson from the United States Army, explains via Facebook, the feeling by prefacing, “I got Baby Fever recently, my daughter is turning one in two months and everyone around me is pregnant or just had a baby. I know I have full blown Baby Fever when I want to watch “Knocked Up” everyday! LOL”

Still, the questions remain, just what is this perplexing drive and what, exactly, causes it?

It’s Raining Babies

In the simplest of terms, Baby Fever is that overwhelming urge to have a baby. The experience is different for almost every woman that has it, but there are some common “symptoms,” including the following:

  • Spending time in the infants department at your local store
  • Taking a walk down memory lane by pulling out blankets and toys used for a previous baby
  • Thinking about baby names, birth announcements and how you’ll tell your husband or boyfriend a baby is on the way

If you have participated in two or more of these activities you’ve likely got the bug.

Other women experience slightly more complex symptoms such as remembering labor and delivery fondly, or telling themselves that the swollen ankles, heartburn and food cravings weren’t that bad. In fact, some women use those less than pleasant memories as a deterrent. Stephanie Schlosser from Issaqauh, Washington wrote, “Hopefully I can remember the morning/all day/all pregnancy sickness when my 10 month old turns two, and bring the fever down to reality.” You know you’ve got it bad when that no longer works.

But Why Is It Raining Babies?

The truth is, there is little science behind the phenomenon known as Baby Fever. In spite of this lack of documented evidence, it is likely that the overwhelming desire to have another child is related to these possible factors:

  • The Society ‘Clock’ – As a mom, look around at your peers. You will most likely note that many had children around the same age and spaced them out similarly. Today, society norms have a lot to do with how many children we have and when we have them, and can triggle Baby Fever.
  • The Hormone ‘Clock’ – While every woman is different, our bodies all respond to hormones. It may be at certain points in our lives that, as a natural part of our bodies, our hormones kick into high gear and simply scream “BABY PLEASE!”

While those two reasons sound relatively intelligent, most women will claim to have Baby Fever because they see babies. It may be the old chicken and egg debate, but many believe that being in an environment with several infants will cause current and first time mommy’s to want (another) one of their own. Stephanie Straschnitzki says, “I got it really bad within the year or two before I had Haley; everyone had babies and I wanted one!”

Baby Fever – it’s real and you can catch it. The question is, what to do with it!

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