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beehive.jpgMy husband is in the military. He left for Iraq for four months when my daughter was five months old, and then after our son was born my husband left for another six weeks. Recently he returned from a six month deployment in Kuwait. In other words, he kind of comes and goes.

I don’t necessarily like the fact that he’s not around all the time, but I will tell you that it has made me a better mom. I’ve done things with my kids that I never thought I could do without my husband’s help, and I’ve just done them out of necessity. My doctor once told me that he likens being a mother of young children to being in the center of a beehive; everything is hectic but we still manage to maintain some order. I said this: ‘We do it because we have to.’ I’ve had my kids sit in on my pelvic exams. I’ve schlepped both of them on plane rides from Nebraska to California and then back again, all by myself. Heck, the kids have even accompanied me while I taught a theater class. When you have no choice but to do these things with kids in tow, you do them.

The point is this: You can do more than you imagine. I remember once being terrified about taking my kids to the grocery store, but now my kids even join me when I get my eyebrows waxed.

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