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Moms who do it allJust about everyone is finding it harder to make ends meet these days. The cost of groceries, for example, has skyrocketed. With such a high unemployment rate, those of us who are able to earn much needed income are feeling fortunate.

Those of us who write or blog part time for a bit of extra cash and those of us who write as a more essential means of income, are just some of the moms who are juggling full time motherhood with part time work.

My younger sister has a small ballet studio where she teaches several classes a week. She is also mom to 5 and 9 year old girls and an 8 month old baby boy. Her husband works in computer programming and has a busy political career, as well—at 37, he is president of borough council, in the town where they live. It’s amazing to see them juggling it all. My sister teaches ballet with the baby on her hip. My mom sits the girls one night per week but the baby is extremely clingy and goes wherever his mommy goes (even to teach dance lessons!).

My other sister, the youngest of the three of us is mom to a 17 month old son. She loves to sew and bake and is quite good at both. A few years back she had her own baking business; she sold her cakes to several restaurants and at farmer’s markets. She took a break to be full time mom, until recently, when she started to sew little girls’ tu-tus to sell at our other sister’s studio.

I’ve always written on and off but a few years ago, I also had my own little greeting card business. I guess you can say I’m a bit crafty; I used collage techniques, paper-punching and cutting, stamping and some free-hand drawing to create unique cards which I sold at two local businesses. If it weren’t for the baby taking up so much of my time, I’d still be doing this. I may slowly ease my way back into it soon.

A mom in our neighborhood who is a former teacher tutors children in her home. Another woman I know who happens to be an amazing cook started her own catering business.

I am impressed with women who turn their talents into a means of income, and juggle this work with the 24/7 job of motherhood. I’m pretty sure that all of the women writing for this blog are busy balancing their writing with the demands of parenting young children, running a household and more.

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