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Moms’ Night Out

You can officially call me the barfly. I went out on a moms’ night out on Wednesday, and and another one Yesterday. So, OK, it doesn’t compare to the out-all-night up-until-three antics I did before I got married, but I sure feel like a social butterfly since I’ve rarely been outside my house after 6 p.m. after my son was born.

Me, and a group of other moms, visited a bar near my house. It was the first day of fall but it was a gorgeous warm evening. We all sat on the patio, next to a roaring fire, drank a couple of glasses of wine and caught up with each other.

It’s hard to go out sometimes. First you need a baby sitter. Then you need to deal with baby’s bedtime – can your husband put baby down or do you need to go out once baby’s asleep? And then many moms have a hard time going out because they feel guilty about not spending time with baby, or the rest of your family.

Let’s deal with the last one. Rather than neglecting your family, an occasional mom’s night out is going to be good for all of you. Daddy can spend time with baby. You can have a break, and everyone needs some time off. You’ll be a better mom for it, if you can spend a little time on you. A happy mommy who looks after her own needs as well as her baby’s is a better mom that one who neglects herself.

The most important rule of Moms’ Nights Out? Talk about anything BUT your kids! Ok, say hello, and ask after everyone’s children. But after that, talk about facelifts, vacations, cities you’ve visited, shoes, ex-boyfriends, anything. Tonight, it’s about you!

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