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Lose the Clutter

losetheclutter.jpgI’ve never claimed to be an expert when it comes to parenting, but there is one piece of advice I can confidently pass along and know that it will help you in the long run when it comes to your children and your household: Don’t let the clutter of baby toys get out of control.

As the months roll by with your newborn you’ll notice that there are certain toys your baby grows out of. It might be a toy that your baby has always gravitated to before in the past, and sometimes that can make it harder for you to acknowledge that your baby has lost interest in the toy and has moved on to other things. If the toy has sentimental value to you then wrap it up and set it aside, but otherwise you should have a box or bin somewhere within your house which can hold the toys that you’ll get rid off. I like to take these toys to Goodwill, but some moms I know list things on eBay or have garage sales so they can make some money off the toys. Whatever your method, just be sure you don’t allow your home to start to mirror a toy store. If you don’t get practice about weeding out toys that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

I make it a practice to sift through all the toys whenever a birthday or major holiday rolls around because I know relatives are going to send a bunch of stuff to my kiddos. Now that my daughter is older I can include her in this practice, and she understands that the toys are going to other kids who don’t have as many things to play with. The benefit is two-fold: My house doesn’t get overrun by toys, and my daughter learns about giving to people less fortunate. That’s a win-win situation.

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