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Going Overboard on Kid’s Birthdays?

goingoverboard.jpgI have a busy work week. I’m still trying to clean the house for New Year’s and have a mound of laundry threatening to walk out and clean itself – I think it’s bluffing by the way. So because I like a challenge or I have HUGE issues with not having a mile long to-do list, I decide to throw my daughter a birthday party.

A lil’ cake, a couple balloons and we’re good to go right? Well, I’ve taken the theme – Princesses & Princes – yuck, completely her idea – and have gone all nutty. I want to drape the house in fabric, bejewel the paper cups, make princess skirts and prince tunics, have face painting, a story, a craft and a “ball.”

I’m completely insane. Did I mention she’s three?

Here’s the thing. I’m not trying to compete with other parents for the best party. I’m not spending tons of cash, most items we’re using came from the thrift store or my own stash because I collect craft items like other women collect shoes. I actually enjoy the planning, the crafting and the execution.

I know Olivia will be thrilled with whatever I put together. She’ll get cake, have friends over and wear tulle and every beaded necklace she can find. It’s me with the desire to create fantasy land. I do it every year. For her 2nd birthday I made the cake, which looked completely strange, had my sister dress as Dora the Explorer and set up an adventure for the kids to go on with Dora.

Last year – Superhero theme. Everyone in super t’s or pajamas, theme songs playing in the background, “free play” area, bought cupcakes – learned from the horrible looking Dora cake. I’m just nuts. Why is this so much fun when it’s so much work? What’s wrong with me?!

How about you guys, any holiday or occasion you go ga-ga over? Are you one of those Christmas people with sweaters for everyday in December? Tell us all!

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  1. Chanel Ryan
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