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cybercam.jpgThe bulk of my husband’s family live in Morocco. I’ve got family spread across the country; some in the United States, Philippines, the Middle East. There are many ways to stay connected nowadays and I intend to utilize this with my own daughter.

First, would be to chat whenever possible with a webcam. I’ve done this with my family in California, Mina propped on my lap. My parents feel connected and it builds a memory of their face for Mina.

The second is to put up framed pictures of important family members in your home. Whenever you or your child pass the pictures, point them out her one by one and say their names. As your child grows, they will eventually connect the face to the names, have it memorized and upon finally meeting the family member, their eyes will light up with recognition. The grandma/pa, aunt or uncle will definitely feel special.

Do you have any suggestions for keeping loved ones in sight?

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