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In Case of Emergency

VaMomma wrote a great post a couple months back about how you should have a disaster plan in place in case of an emergency. I live in a state where every year we go through the same tornado scramble each year so we’re pretty adept at keeping emergency supplies on hand in the basement in case something bad happens. To tell you the truth, though, it takes an awful lot convince us to head downstairs and when we do get down there it usually isn’t long until the radio announcer tells us we can go back upstairs.

Last night was different. We had some really massive storms and we were under a tornado warning for about two hours. This storm outside was getting really bad and the announcers on the radio were commenting that this was the worst storm they’d ever seen. My husband looked at me with a raised eyebrow and I announced to our kids, “Hey everyone, we’re going to go hang out in the basement for a while!” I was trying my best to sound like it was some sort of game because at their young age everything can seem like a game if Mommy acts like it is.

So there we were, sharing our small basement with our freaked out cat. We had food, we had water, we had a radio, and we had sleeping bags which the kids eventually fell asleep in. What was missing?

Pack toys in your emergency supplies.

I don’t know if you have ever tried to keep two young kiddos occupied in a basement for two hours while a storm rages past, but it really isn’t much fun. If I had been thinking clearly when we headed down to the basement I would have at least grabbed some coloring books or something, and if I had really been on top of things I would have hauled the portable DVD player down there. Instead, we spent two hours trying to convince the kids that the thunder and hail we could hear was just God’s way of making noise to let us know He’s thinking of us.

When you gather up your canned goods and batteries for your emergency kit do yourself a favor: throw some toys in there too. You never know when you may need them.

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