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How I Survived Daughter’s 1st Birthday Bash

We had a big weekend here in our household. Our only daughter, and the first grandchild in my family, just celebrated her 1st birthday. We had close friends and family flying in or driving from all over the nation. The celebration started off on Friday, her real birthday, and ended Sunday with her baptismal ceremony and accompanying reception.

Thank God Murphy’s Law gave us a break over the weekend, but there were still plenty of snafus that could have driven an anal-retentive mom like me over the wall. From the logistics of dividing my time between my good friends who had come to visit and party arrangements, to dealing with a cranky baby whose whole schedule was thrown off course, to late caterers, and demanding relatives, I had plenty of opportunity to go bonkers.

Fortunately, I was able to keep my perspective on things. What have I learned? I learned that I have great friends, who are understanding that I can’t be with them the whole time they’re here. Second, when the same friends offer help, take it. I was sending reliable and willing friends on errands to help smooth out the party arrangements. I appointed some to be on my decorations and some to be on my music committee. Some went out for extra ice, and drinks, some went to fetch a cable for the music system to connect to the laptop.

When the caterers, who were supposed to set up the place, were late, I got a tad upset, but I just took my troops to the task of starting the whole thing. In no time at all, everything was decorated and perfectly set up.

Third, I learned that the more rigid I am in wanting things to look a certain way or unfold in a certain way, the more stressed I will become. I was able to relax and take calming breaths after a shaky beginning, and just HAVE FUN. One of the best way to have fun is to leave things to take care of themselves. After all, all you really need to have a good party is to have good food, good drinks and good company. I had all three!

Fourth, I learned that babies can be very resilient. My daughter was cranky yes, but she must have liked the attention she was getting because contrary to what I was afraid of, she didn’t break down after a lack of a nap and going two hours past her bedtime. After a little distraction and yes, some cake, she was her usual bubbly self.

The last thing I learned? That it will be a very long time until I agree to hold a big party.

Happy First Birthday Dear Daughter of mine!

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