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How Do Single Moms Do It?

howdomomsdoit2.jpgI salute single moms. I really do. My husband has left for a 2 week trip back to Morocco and I quake with the fear of having to do it all for my child. He is my chef-extraordinaire, my extra pair of hands at night, the best medicine-giver, a pro at changing diapers.

Now the two weeks loom with no one but me and Mina. A 6 mo. old who’s teething. Who’s got an ear infection. Who’s starting to get more and more mobile that I can’t turn my attention away from her that long anymore.

But as always, I have a plan to keep our sanities intact.

  • Invite myself over to friends’ homes. I’ve already warned several friends that I will probably be over with the baby so they can cuddle and entertain her while I sip a brewski hot drink.
  • Invite helpful friends over. I’ve already begged friends and family to come over and keep me company on some days.
  • Stock the fridge with friendly eat-on-the-run foods. I’ve stocked the fridge with fruits, salads, rotisserie chicken, deli meat, and the pantry with breads and soups and canned veggies.
  • Draw up a schedule. I have created a schedule that I feel confident following, giving me a routine to expect and hopefully calm my nerves and chaotic mind. This includes getting up with PLENTY OF TIME so as not to rush through the morning, and preparing everything the night before. One of this involves filling the little bowls with lids we just bought with meal-sized rice/oatmeal cereal or veggies and fruits, ready to be whipped out and warmed for her evening meals.

On top of all that, I just have to remind myself that all will be well. Kids have survived worse than two weeks with a nervous parent!

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