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Does “One Of Each” Mean Two Is Enough?

Note: I have no statistical or empirical evidence to back up the hypothesis I am about to propose. It is merely based on my own observations and experiences. Any extrapolation on this matter should be done purely for entertainment value.

When we first told my father that we were reasonably certain the baby my wife is carrying is a boy, he did not have as significant a reaction as I had expected, given the amount of pressure he put on me to “carry on the name”. However, later that weekend, he did say, in passing, “Well, now that you have a boy, you won’t have any more kids, eh?”

And while I wanted to be indignant, and reply with more than a little bit of frustration that we would be happy with either gender, I didn’t. I said nothing because deep down, I knew that the fact that this baby was a boy made me less inclined to try for a third than if we knew it was going to be a girl. For a few weeks after that, I felt pretty badly for how I felt: that somehow having two girls wasn’t enough for me.

But then I started thinking, and I realized something: in all of the families I knew that had more than two kids, the two oldest were both of the same gender. For everyone I knew, two boys or two girls was not enough.

I need to gather more evidence, certainly. So, this is where you, dear readers, come in. Do you have evidence to support my theory that people with “one of each” are significantly less likely to have a third? What are the genders of the two oldest children in families with three or more kids? Please give your answers in the comments.

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