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Ditch The Ten-Ton Baby Bag

No matter how stylish your baby bag is, a Louis Vuitton or one of the must-have baby bags by celeb moms, you’re probably looking forward to the day when you won’t have to cart along a bag that can weigh more than your baby. After all we, moms especially, have our own gear to carry. I know some moms who have woefully ditched their own purse so they don’t have to carry more than one bag. I haven’t given in yet, I have my own bag aside from the huge black bag I carry that houses diapers, wipes, changing pad, extra clothes, cookies, sippy cup, jars of baby food, baby spoon…and on and on.

But. Yes, there is a big but. I may soon be giving this all up once I implement a dream system some of my mommy friends swear by. It’s easy. All it takes is some room in the trunk of your car for a duffel bag, or the baby bag you’re now carrying. And one more thing, it takes a devil-may care attitude. Instead of being afraid that you can’t possibly do without two extra change of clothes, two bibs, wipes, extra pacifiers, while you’re in the middle of a mall, or a playdate, or a restaurant, you’re required to breathe easy, knowing everything is in your car if you really need it.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Stow tons and tons of diapers, two change of clothes, wipes, everything to your heart’s desire in your baby bag.
  2. Leave it in the trunk or in your car so wherever you go, it’s already there.
  3. Bring with you a change pad, and two diapers if you’re straying from the car. Bring food for the baby if they are not yet eating normal foods off the menu only if you’ll be gone from the car more than two hours and you know they’ll need snacks. If you’re carrying a good-sized purse like my friend who uses Vera Bradley bags, then these items can be easily stowed in one.
  4. Every two weeks or so, go through the bag and make sure you don’t need reinforcements of any item. This is the key to keeping everything organized. Get a calendar if you need to and mark the days you want to check the baby bag.

Okay, so you’re asking yourself, what if I need to wipe them down and I don’t have wipes. Here’s where the devil-may care attitude comes in. Go to the family restroom (they’re everywhere now) and give them a good wipe; or the food court, and grab some heavy duty napkins.

What if they need a drink? Grab a small cup from a food court vendor and ask them to fill it with water; if they’re past a year, it’s a perfect time to learn how to drink from a cup.

What of bibs? What if I feed them and food just goes everywhere. Grab said napkins and stuff in under their collars, or teach them not to pull at the bibs. If they’re used to bibs they may not pull at it anyway. If you’re in a proper restaurant with cloth napkins, these can be tied if long enough so they can’t pull it off. Or do what I do, be very precise when feeding them and then wipe after each spoon-feeding. Aside from minor stains, I have been able to do without bibs many times with my 9 month-old.

Just imagine, just carrying your own purse, a stroller and the baby. That’s it! If you need something from the car, send your husband. If you’re by yourself, there’s no problem, go on your own and tell yourself it’s the payoff of having the freedom of movement. Be resourceful, think positive. With luck, and thinking ahead, you may never need to go to the stowed baby bag in your car.

To parents who use public transportation. I’m sorry this won’t work. But I’m sure you’ve figured out your own system by now. Care to share?

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