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Crawl your way to your child’s safety

crawlchildsafety.jpgOkay, so you have already installed the gates and the proper latches. You’ve purchased a hearth pad, the toilet bowl has a lid lock, the detergents and other household chemicals are all in cabinets not within the baby’s reach. More so, furnitures’ edges have been cushioned and mats have been lined with non-skid material.

You are all set!

Oh no, actually, not yet… unless you have crawled your way around your home.

Though the other measures you have already implemented are not without their merit, most parents usually forget that they are baby proofing their homes (or the hotel room, or grandma’s home) for people coming from a totally different perspective. We tend to protect them from what we can anticipate with our five-to-six feet frame, and yet these kids will spend at least three years on all fours, depending on how soon they learn to walk and how soon they cease from lying on the floor or playing under tables.

So crawl your way around your home and see it from a two-foot perspective. Things like a splinter of wood or a nail hanging out, or a bunch of rope that hasn’t seen the light of day for years under a cabinet can all pose serious dangers to your child. Attend to these to truly have a childproofed home.

Sure, accidents will still happen but at least you can rest easy letting your baby crawl around because you know you’ve given baby proofing your best shot.

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