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Confessions Of a Suburban Mom

Confessions of a suburban mom

“I sometimes leave their diapers on a little bit longer than I should so I don’t have to buy them as often.”

“Sometimes when I see my kids dumping their sippy cups on the carpet I just let them do it because the carpet already looks like h**l so what’s the difference.”

“I feel guilty for putting my baby in her swing so I can get some things around the house done.”

The above are just some of the anonymous comments left on Truu Confessions – Mom’s Category. The confessions ran the gamut, from mild, and understandable, to angry and disturbing. They’re the musings of Moms across the country, across the world. The anonymity afforded by the site prompts revelations without the fear of a backlash except in the form of a comments section, which can fortunately be disabled.

I have to admit I’m secretly addicted to viewing the confessions here. And judging by the number of commenters, and by the increase of categories, it seems there are many people who feel the same draw.  Truu Confessions founders have really found an avenue that hadn’t been explored before: that of an outlet for relief for all the frustrated Moms out there who wish to vent without judgment.

I’ve been a mom for only twenty months, and I’ve seen how much judgment are reserved by Moms towards other Moms who may do things a little differently. Heck, I’ll admit I have my own moments where I feel superior to other Moms. Sad isn’t it? We’re always bemoaning the competitive nature of men and boys, but we women have our own brand of it, extended ten-fold through our offspring. While it would be nice if Mothers, and everyone really, would extend nothing but a patient ear, helping hands, and a big hug when needed, we’re not fully there yet. There is still that inevitable silent horror when we see that a Mom is actually dressing a little too sexy at a playgroup, that the snacks served for a play-date aren’t organic, that her little boy is still sipping from a bottle at two years old! Fill in your own ideas of what makes a good/bad parent.

So until we get to the point where we can live and let live (with reasonable exceptions of course), we all need a place to let our dirty little secrets out: anonymous online journals, forums, and sites like Truu Confessions.

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