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Breastfeeding Advice- Don’t Listen

breastfeedingdontlisten.jpgBreastfeeding is something is one of the most personal aspects of motherhood. The baby is being nourished form the mother?s body in a way that excludes the rest of the world from participation. So why is it that everyone else seems to feel they have a say in it?

Some mothers catch flack from others for breastfeeding for too short a time, while others hear about how they have been breastfeeding too long. And for those who choose not to breastfeed or are unable to do so, they may catch the most flack of all. At some point, it became everyone else?s business how a mother feeds her baby.

Because so much nutritional data has been gathered over the past few years concerning infant nutrition, it is now known how nutritious breast milk is. Of course, the nutritional value of carrots has also been established, though few mothers get questioned about how many carrots they feed their babies. But, the issue of breastfeeding has become the subject of social commentary, debate and even the law in some communities. The debates about whether a woman should breastfeed in public has divided small towns and been the topic of arguments in more online forums than can be counted. So, who?s right?

Any mother anywhere who wants the best for her baby is right. Whether she uses formula, breast milk or a combination of the two, she has the right to feed her baby in the way that works best for her baby and her family. In the end, that?s all it comes down to. No mother in law, no helpful neighbor and no city ordinance can make the decision for her, nor should they. As long as the baby is thriving and mother and baby are bonding securely, no one else?s opinions come into play.

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