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Banish the Guilt, You Are A Good Mother!

banishguiltmother.jpg “I breastfed little Johnny until he was 4, anyone else who doesn’t just doesn’t love their child.”

“My child doesn’t even know what McDonald’s is! People who give their kids fast food should be shot.”

“Oh, we don’t “do” TV in our house – ever. People who let their kids watch it are just lazy.”

“I make all of her baby food, clothes and only use soy. Anything else is killing your child!”

“I stay at home because I love my children, mothers who don’t are selfish.”

Sound familiar? I may have taken it to the extreme, but we’ve all heard mothers declare, in that superior voice, what choices they’ve made for their children and anyone else would be crazy not to follow their lead.

What is it about motherhood that gives some of us a superiority complex? Is it the latest clique some people use to put down others so they feel better?

Well, this isn’t high school and you don’t have to subject yourself to it. The truth is we all have some doubts about what we are doing as mothers. ALL OF US. And if you’re shaking your head no right now, you’re the type of ‘clique mom’ I’m talking about.

If it takes an episode of Dora the Explorer to give you a moment to breathe, have a cup of tea and recharge for the last half of the day – girlfriend, do it!

If you’d rather your kids have cupcakes at their birthday party instead of soy, gluten free, flak seed muffins – who’s knows your kids better than you do?

We Moms are a funny lot. We did an incredible thing – we brought life into this world, or took up the challenge to raise a child, yet we walk with guilt far too often.

Stop comparing yourself to the other moms out there. Use your relationships with other moms to get ideas, not declarations, on how to parent your child. Use those relationships for support, not competition, and if you’ve got one of those hardliners – tell her about herself. You might just find she’s holding on to what she has done right because she feels guilty about something she’s done wrong.

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